AL Comello

Meet  AL Comello. He currently operates a marketing agency called Comello Media Services and works on various marketing related projects. He is the Vice Chairman of the Board of Sedona Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau, and he serves on the board of the Sedona Historical Society and the Verde Valley Forum for Public Affairs. In2018, he was elected to a 4 year term on the governing board of the Sedona Fire District and was on the board of the Sedona Community Center for 18 years. He was the manager of their very successful annual tax credit fundraiser.   In 2008, he created a non-profit organization called Sedona Fair Inc., dedicated to creating events for locals and visitors alike.

I asked Al, what inspired him to work in his current career?

The purpose of the office in the airport has evolved over the past 16 or 17 years. For the longest time, I used it as a business center for a lot of my marketing projects involving the airport. I have been around aviation all my life and love the setting of an airport. My office is just feet away from the taxiway. I got involved in a non-profit called the Sedona Airport Supporters Association and eventually became the president. I’m a real aviation advocate and try to introduce the world to aviation and the world that the airport represents. The airport is an important component of what made Sedona a city.

As a business, I function like an advertising agency. Over the years I’ve done many websites and collateral materials for many companies. I tried creating passive income websites, but with little success.  I got into the map business  3 years ago and created a map of the Verde Valley and Sedona that the Chamber of Commerce, visitor centers, many hotels and resorts and tourism businesses in the Northern Arizona use. This feeds my mission to be helpful to the community of Sedona and supplement retirement income.

I was involved in the Sedona Community Center for 18 years and helped with their funding by developing a focused tax credit outreach. We’ve raised over one million dollars for them using this approach. I’m now on the Chamber of Commerce board, which I really enjoyed, because you get to see the back-story – all the things that go into the development of the chamber’s mission to serve visitors, residents and businesses. I enjoy being on the marketing, product development committees.  Over the past few years, I got involved in political marketing of issues and helping people get elected. As a member of the Historical Society board I find their mission interesting because I’ve always been in love with history. One of the current projects I’m working is how to create a better revenue stream for the cemeteries. The society owns two historic pioneer cemeteries.

Wow… Al is a very busy guy and seems to know a lot of people in our community… You’ll often see him out and about at events and of course at local restaurants… I asked him what his favorite restaurant is.  He said:

I have no specific favorite restaurant but have loved to befriend and help restaurant owners like Larry Keiser, Craig at Senor Bob’s Hot Dogs  and Gerardo at his restaurant; Gerardo’s Italian Kitchen. I do enjoy a good hamburger, hot dog or plate of spaghetti, he laughed!

Al has been a resident of Sedona since 1998 when he moved from Saint Louis, has two kids, Wendi and Rick who live there… and is delighted to call Sedona ‘home’… I asked him… what words come to mind when I said the word ‘home’?  He replied:

Safe, Family and Challenging.

Well loved by many, Al Comello is a man who continually makes great contributions to Sedona and the Verde Valley… If you don’t already know him, I hope you get to meet him soon.

Jonelle Klein

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