Rob Portil

Meet Rob Portil.

He’s involved with TEDxSedona. Rob is also the Chief Technology Officer at RESTORIA Health, a company that is doing quality indexing, providing quality and safety in the health space. He is also creating an online marketplace for those products.


Q: What inspired you or led you to your current career?

A: In RESTORIA Health, I saw the need. It was something I had been researching, and the CEO of this company was someone I knew. He had successfully built and launched several companies and was good at building up and creating a company of this size. As far as TEDxSedona, the simple answer is nobody was doing it. When I first moved to Sedona nine or ten years ago, I thought about it. I’ve always been a fan of TED Talks. I was pretty naive and didn’t know the limitations and didn’t know that it had to be multidisciplinary. I thought we should do a TEDx about health because I was so involved in the health arena personally. I thought if nobody’s going to do this if then I better. 


Q: What is your favorite restaurant in Sedona?

A: I like what Mercer’s done with Mesa Grill because now the food is worth eating. Another place is Creekside. It’s excellent. I’m a big fan now of the new Thai place, Fresh & Natural. It’s a delightful place, and I care about what I put in my body. What else do I like? Hmm, still J Wine Bistro, and I like what they’ve done with the Pump House.


Q: How long have you lived or worked in Sedona?

A: I’ve lived here for nine to ten years. But before that, I’d been coming to Sedona for almost 40 years. I had friends who lived here. My best friend lives here, and we ended up coming here for two or three of our holidays every year. So Sedona has been on our shortlist of possible places when we were deciding where we wanted to live, and I knew that most of my clients were all over the globe anyway.


Q: What is something that you love about Sedona?  

A: The climate, people, and we wanted a small town with big town amenities. Sedona has first-run art films showing seven days a week, the food is excellent, and as I get older, I don’t have any tolerance for extreme weather. I am also an avid fly fisherman, so having a creek that I can get to in ten minutes from my house is a big deal.


Q: Are you a movie guy?

A: That comes and goes. There are times where we see a film every month, and then there are times where we go a few months without ever seeing a movie of any kind.


Q: What advice would you give to people?

A: It’s complicated. The thing that I don’t talk about with a lot people, because they’re not open to the conversation, is the topic of health and longevity. It’s something I researched deeply. I plan on living a minimum of 120 years, and I’ve been taking supplements since 1982. I am constantly researching what I put in my body for supplementation. And in recent years, I’m involved in finding out what it takes to manage aging as a disease, why intermittent fasting is a big deal for people, how it works, and to understand that a significant portion of our disease is diet-related.

From The Interview With Jonelle Klein

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