John and Mike Badiaco

Meet John and Mike Badiaco. 


John has been building and selling exceptional custom homes in Sedona for almost two decades. His skill and integrity have earned him a reputation as one of Sedona’s pre-eminent realtor/builders. Having built or remodeled over 65 homes in Sedona, John prides himself on personal service and hands-on project management. John personally manages each project to ensure client satisfaction.


Q: Tell us what inspired you to build homes, and how did Mike get involved?

John: We’ve been out here since 1997, about 23 years. Mike was in grammar school when we moved to Sedona, and ever since then, we’ve been building homes. Thus far, we have created about 150 houses, and we remodel homes as well. Mike is taking over the business and learning the ropes.

Mike: It’s been exciting to grow up doing construction and helping him out. I’m learning about scheduling, keeping a good rapport with our vendors, staying current with trends, and styles that look cool. I spent seven years framing, and now I’m looking for land.


Q: With all of the people you managed, how do you keep it together?

Mike: It helps to have an attention deficit. That way, we can juggle a bunch of things at once and multitask.

John: We have subs that we’ve been using regularly. We have a good rapport with the people that work with us. We treat people with respect. That is why they work hard for us. We are not afraid to jump in and get our hands dirty. It’s a family business; we keep an eye on things. In reality, we want to make money, but we want to keep our reputation.


Q: Where do you take your relatives to lunch?

A: Mariposa, Hudson, and Mesa Grill. If we are in the Village, we enjoy Butterfly Burger, Corner Table, Rotten Johnny’s, Cucina Rustica, and Miley’s. In Cottonwood or Jerome: The Tavern, Haunted Hamburger, or Asylum.


Q: Let’s talk about Barbara. She is the wife of John and the mother of Mike.

John: She is a very creative person. She knows the layout and what needs to be tweaked. I think differently than she does. She knows where to place the cabinets. I’m more of a visual person; I want to see the views when I walk into a house. 


Q: Do you two ever have time to play, or are you always working?

John: We do play! Mike has a boat.

Mike: I have a pontoon boat. We like to get away, fish, and be on the water. There are several hidden recreations spots on the western side of Arizona that we visit often.  

John: I play music, and I’m in a band. It allows me to focus on other things.  


Q: Is there anything that I haven’t asked you that you want others to know?

John: The quality of our work is essential. Whether it’s a $400,000 or $500,000 house, we use the same materials. If for any reason, it’s not correct, we’re going to fix it and make it right.

Mike: For example, we started a remodel project, and the deeper we got, the more issues we found. We wanted to make sure that it was right and looked good. It’s not worth cutting corners.

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